Here’s why spring = pain for so many people

It’s officially spring, which of course is great news for all you cyclists out there. Whether you’re in the saddle to commute, compete or just for fun, cycling is a fantastic way to get around and exercise.

In fact, our osteopath Tom Kilner is a very keen cyclist, and even studied cycling injuries in his sports medicine MSc – so he knows better than anyone that biking injuries do occur and often re-occur.

In my experience, they are usually caused by overuse or poor riding position. The resulting pain and physical limitations can be particularly debilitating for cyclists, impeding performance or preventing cycling altogether…

So if your back hurts when you ride a bike, don’t keep riding!

Luckily, most injuries can be fairly quickly resolved with some simple bike setup tweaks and some manual therapy such as osteopathy for persistent pain.

If you only experience pain when on your bicycle, then some bike adjustments should do the trick (feel free to ask me for some tips!).

But if your pain persists once you are off your bicycle then you may need a little professional help. Osteopathy will be able to provide relief by releasing restrictions, improving flexibility and releasing muscle tension.

On top of that, it can also give you the best chance of staying pain-free by maintaining joint health, mobility, muscle flexibility, and we’ll also provide you with individual exercise advice.

So don’t worry, a bad back (or neck) isn’t necessarily the end – seek specialist help and keep on riding.

If you’re a cyclist with a little pain trouble, feel free to give me a call on 01722 512 521 and we can book you in for an appointment or consultation.

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