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Throughout childhood, an occasional check-up with an osteopath can be extremely beneficial when it comes to alleviating any aches and pains following bumps, falls, minor sports injuries and lifestyle activities.

So here are our top five reasons why you should consider bringing your child in for a check-up...


1. They complain of spinal aches and pains.

Unfortunately, we see many parents ignoring their children when they say their back hurts. It’s vital that this is not overlooked. Once upon a time it was thought to be extremely unlikely for children to suffer with back problems, but now it is much more common with the rise of carrying heavy school bags, using tablets and phones, and general inactivity. In fact, 20-70 per cent of children by the time they reach 15 will have suffered from some form of problem.

It is especially important to check with a doctor if your child reports severe or progressively worsening back pain (i.e. pain that lasts for more than several days), or pain that is associated with other warning signs such as:

  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Night pain/pain at rest
  • Difficulty walking properly
  • Weakness
  • Numbness/decreased feeling in the leg or foot
  • Pain in one or both legs
  • Bowel or bladder problems


2. Standing or sitting lopsided.

Keep an eye on your child’s posture, especially during the toddler and teenage years. If you notice they are holding their head to one side while sitting, then make sure you get them checked over, as your child may be developing a spinal curve or even scoliosis. Certain spinal curves can be aided with treatment, particularly when the muscles are tight and pulling the spine to one side.


3. Slouched posture and tension headaches.

Following on from the last point, many children slouch because their core abdominal muscles are weak. When children sit with poor posture it can cause the neck joints to become compressed and the muscles to become too tight either side of the spine. This can lead to tension headaches which are always a worrying symptom for both parent and child.


4. Poor sleep.

In babies and younger children, poor sleeping habits can be a sign of discomfort. Children under five will generally not complain of back aches, as they are unable to vocalise their soreness, but they can wake up frequently as they struggle to sleep at night.


5. Behavioural problems.

No matter what our age, if we are uncomfortable then we become more irritable. So naturally, this is no different for children. Be sure to keep an eye out for falls or injuries that haven’t necessarily required a hospital visit, but have resulted in your child becoming clingier and more upset – even up to several months following the incident.


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