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Thank you for choosing Not Just Backs and deciding to make the first step on the road to a pain-free life. Please follow the below advice unless you were given specific advice by your osteopath following your first treatment a few days ago.


Treatment relaxes your muscles and loosens your joints so it is not advisable to do anything too strenuous or demanding

If you have been asked to go through specific exercise by your osteopath, please try to do these regularly and follow the plan assigned to you. Your osteopath may have also advised abstaining from exercise- if this is the case there will be a reason for this and you should wait until advised otherwise.

Keeping generally active is better than resting. If your job involves prolonged periods of sitting down, it is important to make sure that get up and take a walk for a few minutes every 15-20 minutes. We also advise that you do not take any long drives post treatment i.e. journeys longer than 45-60 minutes.


What to expect following treatment…

Having any physical therapy treatment whether for preventative care, rehabilitation or managing a recent acute condition usually involves some hands-on treatment. This often leads to temporary side effects. It’s common to feel a little sore or stiff the day following treatment. This is usually worse after your initial treatment but can also happen after subsequent treatments too. This reaction typically lasts around 48 hours. Most people describe this as similar to post-exercise soreness. It is also common to feel tired or to suffer from a temporary headache after treatment.


If you have any concerns about any side effects you are experiencing or if you have any questions, please make sure that you contact your osteopath. You can find our contact numbers below… 



CONTACT US IN TISBURY | 01747 87 00 99

EMAIL US | patientcare@notjustbacks.com


 We look forward to seeing you again soon!