Introducing our exclusive Treatment Packages at Not Just Backs…

From the beginning of February - and for the first time ever here at Not Just Backs - a brand new and special range of treatment packages will be available to our patients.

Our expert team are dedicated to helping patients get back to optimum health and living a normal, pain-free life. In fact, it’s why we exist. Of course, every day we treat patients who are suffering from a wide range of different problems and, often, a full recovery takes time and a course of treatment is required over a number of months.

With that in mind, we decided to create a series of packages which will help to provide our patients with the course of treatment they require at the best price and value possible. 

The package which is right for you will depend entirely what condition you’re suffering from. You can find out more about all of our new packages below…




Our Limbs package is for patients suffering from one of the following (or similar) issues…


- Rotator Cuff Injuries
- Tennis Elbow
- Frozen Shoulder
- Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis
- Knee Pain & Dysfunction


This package includes seven treatments over the course of 7 months with a £20 saving.





Our Tricky Spines package has been put together for patients with the below conditions and who require a series of treatments in order to fully recover…


- Disc Injuries
- Sciatica
- Trapped Nerves
- Neck & Lumbar Wear and Tear


The Tricky Spines package includes nine treatments over a 9-month period with a saving of £30.





At Not Just Backs, we’re as dedicated to treating babies as we are to treating bigger people. Our Babies package has been put together to provide your little one with the course of treatment they need to get back to full health. This package may be suitable when your child is experiencing one of the follow issues…


- Being Generally Unsettled
- Windy
- Breast Feeding Difficulties
- Poor Sleep
- Stiff Neck


Our package for babies is made up of five treatments over 5 months at a discounted rate.





At Not Just Backs, some of our patients require regular support to ensure that their conditions are managed and that they are able to live as active and pain-free lives as possible. Our Maintenance package is designed for patients with conditions such as…


- Chronic Pain Issues
- Arthritis
- Degenerative Joint Problems
- Postural Problems e.g. Scoliosis


Our Maintenance package offers patients who fall into this category the chance to receive 12 treatments over the course of twelve months (the twelfth appointment is free with this package).


If you’d like to find out more or purchase any of our brand new treatment packages, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01722 512 043 and a member of our dedicated team will be waiting to help.




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