Non-Invasive Shock Wave Therapy for Chronic Tendon Pain

If, like many of our patients you want to heal your body without the use of drugs or steroid injections then Non-Invasive Shock Wave Therapy may be able to provide the help you need.

Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) is a safe, non-invasive treatment (no needles or surgery) that uses the healing effect of acoustic (sound) waves to heal tendons. It has become increasingly popular in recent years.

At Not Just Backs we use the best device on the market called a Swiss Dolorclast machine to produce radial waves to stimulate healing within the tendon. Not all shockwave treatments and machines are the same and the Swiss Dolorclast machine has a huge amount of evidence showing it is effective at treating tendons. It reliably relieves symptoms in 60-80% of cases, depending on the specific tendon being treated.


How does it work?

The machine, via a hand piece, creates the acoustic or sound wave by a compressor so there are no electric shocks involved!

The sound waves create vibrations within the tendon, which creates certain healing responses within the tendon. Research has shown that Shockwave therapy is effective at treating the following issues: tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, sub acromial impingement, greater trochanteric pain syndrome, calcifying tendinitis of the shoulder, and patellar tip syndrome.


Pain Relief

Shock wave therapy has an amazing ability to decrease pain which many patients notice straight after treatment. SWT appears to decrease levels of a chemical compound called 'Substance P' in the area around the tendon. This is one of the primary triggers of local pain and so by reducing it, there is an instant decrease in pain levels. SWT also destroys unnecessary pain fibres that grow into a tissue after an injury. 



The shock wave machine stimulates blood flow, which activates a healing response within the tendon. It also can break down calcification that occurs in damaged tendons.


Tom Kilner, Rhian Osborne and Cameron Bennett run the Tendon Clinics and are all trained in the use of the Shock Wave Therapy.




15 min Shockwave only appointment - £105.00

30 min Shockwave and Osteopathy Appointment - £130.00

Alternatively, buy 3x 15 min shockwave appointments for - £258.00

(All patients requiring shockwave will need to have attended a New Patient appointment prior to treatment. The first shockwave treatment can be given in the New Patient appointment for an extra fee, if deemed suitable following assessment). 



Fitting - £95.00 (including orthotics)

Check up 6 weeks after fitting (15 min appointment) - £25.00


To find out more about Shock Wave Therapy and how it can work for you, simply contact your local Not Just Backs practice today or click here to book your appointment online.