What people are saying

In our recent questionnaire completed by over 200 patients,
99% said they would return to our clinics if they required future treatment.

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    Over the years Not Just Backs has always rescued us from the bumps and bangs of an active lifestyle. Now in our 80’s we find osteopathy a real tonic to keep us doing the things we love. I don’t know what we would do without Rhian’s help.

    Margaret & David Kathro
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    As a sufferer of Ankylosing Spondylitis I suffered from chronic recurring back pain which affected both my work and life. Following my treatment and using the exercises I was prescribed, the pain is much less common and more manageable. I can’t thank you enough.

    Glenn Sidford
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    I have suffered from debilitating chronic shoulder, neck, arm pain and headaches. After 8 years under the care of the NHS and little progress I sought treatment with Rhian at Not Just Backs. Her work was amazing. She used a combination of cranial osteopathy and acupuncture, as I couldn’t stand strong treatment. I have seen huge improvements in both pain levels and confidence from her treatment. She has given advice on diet and other lifestyle matters and I have lost weight and feel a new woman leaving my old life behind.

    Mandy Salisbury
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    I was suffering from both pain in my knee and my lower back which became so severe that it prevented me from walking. Following my course of treatment I am now able to walk much further and I have had fewer acute episodes.

    Jim Wainwright 
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    I started going to not just backs as a last resort. Having two herniated discs in my neck and wear and tear in my lower spine I was on prescription medication anti-inflammatories and painkillers.  I had had a lot of physiotherapy traction etc - in fact the physiotherapist recommended Not Just Back's to me. I have to say after a few sessions I felt so much better. I am delighted to say I am now off my medication. Osteopathic treatment has really turned things around for me.  I see Juliet at Wilton, as it's really convenient to get to and park.

    I find Juliet a highly skilled professional and very charming. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Osteopathy has really worked for me big time!

    Christopher Wilton
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    My son and I have both been treated by Frances Aylen and have found it an amazing experience. My son bonded with her instantly and changed from an angry, fractious baby into a happy, sleepy bundle of joy. We both love seeing her and find her very friendly, helpful and informative.

    She has helped me with a surprisingly wide range of problems; acute back and neck pain and also chronic visceral pain have all disappeared under her healing hands! I recommend that everyone should see her! I moved from Wilton to Reading but still want to travel to see her here, which I think says it all.

    Louise Wilton