Why our Treatment Packages might be for you…

As you may already know, here at Not Just Backs we have introduced our new series of treatment packages: Limbs, Tricky Spines, Babies and Maintenance.

These exclusive packages are designed to have one or even two treatments left at the end of the course, so that they can be spread over a couple of months in order for us to follow your progression and see how your body holds up with going back to normal living.

This is especially important as we find many people stop following through with their prescribed exercises once they are feeling better, which is the worst thing you can do! This is because sometimes people finish their treatment and their mechanics are still not back to normal, with some restriction still remaining. So, it is hardly surprising when the pain returns a few months later.

Our new packages are designed for problems that take time to sort out, so they aren’t suitable for acute pain such as spinal joint strain which generally takes a 2-3 weeks to remedy. With problems that take months to heal, we find people can start to feel lackadaisical and not follow the treatment plan. We’ve designed these packages with this in mind and to help people stay on track!

The winning combination of regular hands-on treatment and following the exercise programme will give the most optimal chance of the problem to heal.

For example, if you suffered from a grumbling disc, we would recommend our Tricky Spines package. This consists of nine treatments over a nine-month period in order to give plenty of time for healing. Think of it this way – it took a long time for your spine to get that way in the first place, so equally we have to spend time unpicking the bad habits that got you there.

We can spend time during our sessions analysing the real root cause of your issue, so we can treat it as effectively as possible and hopefully prevent the issue from returning. This can take several weeks, as there are always contributing factors that lead to the problem, and of course, we cannot scrutinise you throughout your day-to-day life!

The reasons for an issue may be much more obvious to some than others, which is why this education is invaluable. Often, simply addressing a person’s stress levels and discussing it (maybe even for the first time) is enough to help the physical body to relax and encourage healing.

We have to understand that our musculoskeletal aches and pains are not just physical and we have to take on board all of the other elements that make us human too.


If you’re interested in any of our four treatment packages, or have any questions about what they entail, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01722 512 043.




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