3 more extremely common conditions

Last week’s blog proved rather popular with our lovely readers, so we thought we’d treat you with a part two of the most common problems we’re faced with here at the clinic.

Let’s dive right in!


4.     Osteoarthritis in the knee

Knees are one of the most commonly affected areas for osteoarthritis (OA). This is caused by a slow progressive loss of cartilage in a joint. This is determined by age (most commonly), weight (increases pressure on the surface area of the knee joints), repetitive stress injuries (occupations with frequent lifting or squatting), history of sporting involvement (football or long-distance running) or even genetics.

As with any arthritis, unfortunately we cannot cure it, however early to moderate wear can be helped with treatment and exercise. If symptoms do not settle with traditional means, then it may be worth considering the Shockwave Therapy available at our Exeter Street location to help improve function.


5.     Shoulder impingement

The shoulder usually succumbs to injury as there is such a fine balance in this area between strength and mobility. Due to the variety of different forces and movements that we put through our shoulders on a daily basis, it is easy to see why the joint can become injured.

Common in middle aged patients is a condition called shoulder impingement.

This is where the supraspinatus tendon becomes irritated under the arch of the acromion. There are several things that cause this, but the most common is posture. Having rounded shoulders forces the tendon to run at the wrong angle and makes it prone to tears and inflammation.

Tendons have a poor blood supply, and so take a long time to heal – up to several months in fact. If standard osteopathy and exercise regimes doesn’t help improve the problem, then – as above – Shockwave Therapy is effective at helping to resolve pain. It stimulates healing within the tendon which is the only therapy that actually does this. Click here to read our in-depth blog on this therapy

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6.     Unsettled babies

One of the most common symptoms we see babies for is unsettled behaviour following birth. It commonly manifests with crying, irritability and sleep disturbance, but can also include digestive difficulties and issues breastfeeding.

Osteopathic treatment is well known to help to reduce these symptoms, improve sleep and general contentment for the baby.


If you are concerned about your health or you just want to come into the clinic for a check-up, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help: 01722 512 043.




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