We're re-opening with a restricted service...

Not Just Backs in Salisbury will be re-opening & providing a restricted service from Tuesday 26th May. Our Tisbury and Wilton practices will not be operating yet.

Until the government reduces lockdown restrictions further, we are inviting the following people into the practice for treatment:

1.    Keyworkers
2.    Urgent care cases

Let’s clarify what is urgent care...

•   You are in severe pain

•   Your pain or symptoms are getting worse

•   You are thinking about contacting your GP or going to A&E

Please be mindful that hands-on osteopathic treatment will involve less than 2-metre contact for greater than 15 minutes. We have put in place a lot of hygiene measures, PPE, pre-treatment screening etc.

You have the responsibility of weighing up the risk of having treatment to reduce your pain against potentially catching COVID -19. Please also consider if you are living with anyone that requires shielding in your household.

Please ask yourself 'are you suffering with enough pain that you can take the risk of coming in for treatment'?

Who we will not be treating:

•   Anyone or family with ANY active infection symptoms (COVID related or not) - cough, cold, feeling unwell, temperature, stomach upset etc.

•   Anyone who is in the extremely vulnerable group. You would have received a letter from the government.

•   Anyone who is involved in the direct care of people with COVID -19.

If you fit into our criteria. please contact the practice. Our telephone line will be manned on Friday 22nd May from 09.30 to 13.30 - our phone number is 01722 421 242. You can also send us an email to show that you are very keen to attend for an appointment prior to this. Our email address is info@notjustbacks.com. Please include a contact telephone number in your email.

Below is an overview of clinics which will be held the week beginning 25th May:

Tuesday 10.00 - 16.00 with Osteopath Tom Kilner

Wednesday 14.00 - 18.00 with Osteopath Rhian Osborne

Friday 10.00 - 13.00 with Osteopath Rhian Osborne

This is the first step to re-opening so please be patient for a few more weeks if you do not fit into our initial criteria.

We do also offer Telehealth appointments. Many patients have benefitted from this over the last 8 weeks. We can assess you via video consultation and give you specific guidance for your issue rather than just using generic advice of painkillers and keep moving.

There will be some patients who will fall into a grey area. They will be offered Telehealth appointments initially so the Osteopath can take a history and assess them prior to inviting them into the practice for treatment. Telehealth appointments are £30.

Stay safe,


Rhian Osborne
Owner & Principal Osteopath
Not Just Backs



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