Patient Of The Month: March 2020

Jo from Salisbury is our March Patient of the Month. Jo sees our osteopath Mike at our Salisbury Practice and was experiencing considerable pain when she first came to see us. We caught up with her to discuss her experience with osteopathy & Not Just Backs...




Q: Where is the pain?

A: I had a really bad pain in my left hip whenever I moved my leg. Walking was painful, I couldn’t cross my legs, pretty much all I could do was sit or lie down, even turning in bed was difficult.


Q: What caused the problem?

A: I don’t know what caused the problem to be honest, it was a niggle on a Sunday, Monday more painful, on Tuesday I took some strong painkillers and that seemed to help, but by Wednesday, it was excruciating so that’s when I made the appointment with Not Just Backs.


Q: What made you decide to seek help from Osteopathy in particular?

A: My husband is a gardener and regularly suffers with back pain. He sees an osteopath regularly and a combination of treatment received and advice given on exercises seem to have sorted his problem out so I was hoping for similar results.


Q: How did the osteopath treat you?

A: After some tests to see how much movement I had, Mike identified it as a psoas muscle issue and treatment was a combination of massage of the specific area, and some leg stretching exercises I continued at home. Three days after my first treatment, I was able to walk easily again and, since my second treatment, I have had no further issues with it.


Q: Has the osteopath helped you in any other way?

A: Yes, I am now having treatment for an ankle injury that had been causing me pain for almost a year, but hadn’t been bad enough for me to do anything about it!


Q: Did the osteopath recommend any treatment from a different aspect?

A: I had some stretches to do for my hip and for my ankle he recommended a balance board which I have got and use most days.


Q: What was the most beneficial aspect of your treatment?

A: Walking without pain!!


Q: Is there anything you would like to say to someone who is perhaps undecided about osteopathy?

A: I can only speak of my own experience but I am confident that without the treatment the pain would have lasted an awful lot longer! Having the treatment also meant I didn’t have to continue with the painkillers either.

Thanks so much, Mike!!


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