What actually is good posture?

It's a good question. We hear people talking about the importance of good posture a lot but many of us aren't sure when it comes to what good actually posture is.

You see, having good posture is a really important part of our lifestyles and it can have a far greater impact on your health than you might think. Making sure your posture is good is therefore extremely important.

Recently we've had conversations with a number of our patients who have mentioned that good posture has made them feel better. One even made the point that it makes you look better. And that's absolutely true- it makes you look both slimmer and more confident. And when comes to correct posture, not only does it make you look better, it can also mean big improvements for your health.


So, back to the original question; what actually is good posture?

Well, simply put, good posture is a body position that minimises strain on the body. It's defined as ears aligned with the shoulders with the shoulder blades retracted. With proper alignment, spinal stress is diminished. So when your parents told you to sit up straight as a child, they weren’t just saying it to annoy you!

posture blog.pngWhether it’s when driving, walking or sitting at a desk all day at work, it’s natural for us to slouch causing our shoulders to hunch over. This can place strain on your spine which can result in pain and a variety of different issues, such as...


  • Lower back pain
  • Back ache
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Referred pain
  • Pins and needles
  • Muscle weakness
  • Joint stiffness

Our spine is made up of five different sections that are all curved in a specific way. It is important to maintain these curves so that our bones, nerves and muscles all work correctly and aren’t being placed under excessive tension. The spine can easily be placed in an unnatural position without realising, therefore it is key to have your posture analysed so any issues can be identified and addressed.

It’s always easier to fix an issue before it occurs, however this doesn’t mean it’s too late if you have already suffered from the effects of poor posture. Our team of osteopaths can offer a wide range of treatments, correctional advice and exercises to help you prevent or reduce the severity of bad posture.


If you'd like to book an appointment, you can get in touch with us by calling 01722 512 043 during opening hours or by emailing us at info@notjustbacks.com.

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