The secret to happy, healthy knees

Second only to lower back pain, knee pain is probably the thing I see and treat most often. Both acute and chronic knee problems can be quite debilitating and so often stop us from doing the things we love.

The knee is quite a complex joint, and due to its position it is highly influenced by what's occurring at the hip and the foot/ankle.

When the hips aren't doing their job properly, the knee takes the strain. When the ankle is unstable, the knee takes the pain. When your foot arch is collapsing – you guessed it – the knee takes the fall.

My point is that rarely does a knee just go wrong on its own, the majority of the time it’s part of a bigger pattern, and unfortunately, the knee is the weaker link in the chain (or leg!).

There are so many structures that could be causing knee pain and other symptoms such as swelling, locking, giving way and clicking. Ligaments, muscles, tendons, bursa and joint surfaces are all structures that could be involved and it is extremely important to have your pain diagnosed by a professional, and to not ignore it.

I have a few tips for those of you who are keen to keep your knees happy, based on common issues I see amongst my patients that lead to knee injury or pain:

1) Don’t skip out on exercise if you can help it

2) Whether you’re active or not, stretching is good for the knees

3) Losing weight can improve knee pain

4) Wear proper shoes!

5) An abnormal stride could be the culprit


If you have any questions or you’re after some advice on those knobbly knees then you can always give us a call on 01722 512 521 to book yourself an appointment.

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